Welcome to the SME Research Hub

Welcome to the SME Research Hub

SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) comprise over 97% of enterprises in New Zealand. They play a key role in the New Zealand economy.

Having a better understanding of how SMEs operate will help improve the performance of SMEs and increase productivity in the economy as a whole.

  • What motivates SME owners and managers?
  • Why do some struggle and others prosper?
  • How can we encourage and support SME owners and managers?

There is a wealth of research and comment available in New Zealand on SME operations. Bringing it together and making it available for review and comment will improve our understanding.

The SME hub provides a vehicle for people to share their policy-relevant research and analysis; connect with other researchers and policy analysts; and discuss their work and ideas on SMEs in New Zealand.

Step 1: Identify

Step 2: Take stock 

Step 3: Workshop

SME Research Community

SME Research & Analysis Database


One of the very first things we want to do is to find people who are currently doing policy-relevant research and analysis on SMEs.

This includes students, analysts and researchers in government, university researchers and also people in the private sector.

We hope that you can all join us as we work together for better policy advice.

The second thing we want to do is to encourage all members of the SME community to share some information about their prior and/or current research and publications

We are keen to identify the policy-relevant SME research that has been completed or is currently being undertaken on the SME sector and to see what we can learn that will improve the performance of this major sector in the New Zealand economy.

In the future, we plan to create opportunities for members of the SME research and policy community to come together to share and discuss their findings and analysis.

We invite you to join us, contribute to the knowledge base and help us as we try to enhance our understanding of SMEs and apply that knowledge.