Welcome to the Living Standards Hub

The Living Standards Hub (similar to the Productivity Hub) provides a vehicle for people to share their policy-relevant research and analysis; connect with other researchers and policy analysts; and discuss their work and ideas on living standards.

This Hub was created to meet the desire from the participants to work together following the joint Treasury and Statistics NZ workshop on living standards involving 19 different organisations (government agencies, universities, regional councils etc).   

The Living Standards Hub is currently made up of six key sub-hubs:

  1. Overarching Frameworks

  2. Sustainability for the Future

  3. Managing Risks

  1. Increasing Equity

  2. Economic Growth

  3. Social Infrastructure

We invite you to join us, contribute to the knowledge base and help us as we try to enhance our understanding of each of the five living standard dimensions and continue to apply the living standards framework in our policy advice. 

Treasury’s vision is to be a world-class Treasury working for higher living standards for New Zealanders.