SME Research and Analysis

In this repository, we aim to compile the SME research and analysis provided by members, as well as other key documents and publications that have made significant contributions to understanding the nature and role of SMEs in New Zealand.

At this stage of the process we are inviting every member of SME Research Hub Community to share the research and analysis they have completed recently, as well as their current projects on SME topics and issues.

To provide a workable structure for this repository, we have created a comprehensive series of SME research categories which cover all aspects of small business activities and relevant environmental analysis. All of the documents will be allocated to one of these major categories. By selecting a specific category, you will be able to see a list of all of the documents reported to date on that SME topic. The document lists will be organised by title, author, publication date, publication source.

SME Research Categories

  1. Accounting and Finance
  1. Business Life Cycles
  1. Categories/Types of SMEs
  1. Definition of SMEs
  1. Economic Development
  1. Emerging Issues for SMEs
  1. Human Capital
  1. Indigenous Enterprise
  1. Information and Communication Technologies
  1. Innovation Processes
  1. International Business
  1. Macro-environmental Context for SMEs
  1. Marketing and Communications
  1. Operations Management
  1. Other SME topics/themes
  1. Ownership of SMEs
  1. Regulatory Framework
  1. SMEs in Sectors/Industries
  1. SME Policies and Programmes
  1. SME Statistics
  1. Strategy and Business Planning

For a complete summary of the SME Research Categories, please click here.