LS 2: Managing Risks

Nobody can fully control or predict all the events that happen in the environments in which they operate. It is these uncertain events, overlaid on the particular objectives, which generate risk.  Risk is not inherently bad; achieving objectives will involve some risk. The idea is not to avoid all risk – but to understand and manage it.

Risk management involves considering the potential sources of risk:

  • to New Zealand as a whole – such as the impact of external economic
    crises or physical threats like armed conflict, terrorism or bio-security failures.
  • to particular regions (such as floods)
  • to particular subgroups of society (such as educational failure) or
  • to the success of particular policies (such as implementation risks).

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Research and Analysis

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TitleSub-categoriesOrganisationDateUploaded by
Scientific advice and evidence in EmergenciesEconomy
Living conditions
Other2011Margaret Galt
Blackett Review of High Impact Low Probability RisksBiodiversity
Living conditions
Other2012Margaret Galt
Euro area imbalances: A matter of culture?Economy
Social connection and governance
Other2012Margaret Galt
Exploring Resilience: Learning from Christchurch communities, in Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, Tephra, Vol 23Culture and identity
Social connection and governance
Work, knowledge and skills
Other2012Zoe Wyatt
External Influences on New Zealand’s Economic PotentialEconomyThe Treasury2012Margaret Galt
Saving New Zealand: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Barriers to Growth and ProsperityEconomyOther2011Margaret Galt
Structural Change in the New Zealand Economy 1974-2012EconomyThe Treasury2012Margaret Galt

Measurement and Statistics

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Indicator NameData SourceSub-categoriesFrequencyUploaded by
Dependency ratioStatistics New ZealandPopulationAd-hocPeter Lee
Greenhouse gas emissions by sectorMinistry for the EnvironmentAir and atmosphereAd-hocPeter Lee
Annual surface temperatureMinistry for the EnvironmentAir and atmosphereAd-hocPeter Lee
Energy-related greenhouse gas emissionsMinistry for the EnvironmentEnergyAnnuallyPeter Lee
Greenhouse gas intensity of the economy Statistics New ZealandAir and atmosphereAnnuallyPeter Lee
Distribution of selected pest animal and weed species Department of ConservationBiodiversityOne-offPeter Lee
Proportion of assessed fish stocks below target levelsMinistry for Primary IndustriesBiodiversityAd-hocPeter Lee
Distribution of selected native species Department of ConservationBiodiversityAd-hocPeter Lee
Government debt Statistics New ZealandEconomyQuarterlyJoey Au
Diversity of exportsStatistics New ZealandEconomyQuarterlyJoey Au

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Source: RBNZ, Statistics NZ

Source: Statistics NZ