Knowledge Hubs

Working together for better policy advice
Log on, share, connect and discuss

This part of the website (Knowledge Hubs) was created to provide individuals (policy analysts and researchers, the public sector and universities) with a vehicle to share their policy-relevant research and analysis; connect with other researchers and policy analysts; and discuss their work and ideas on a particular subject area.    

Each Hub is expected to be governed by a Board made up of senior staff across different agencies.  The broad aims of each hub are to:

  1. combine the research efforts of existing agencies working in the same subject area;
  2. collaborate with other research centres, such as the universities; and
  3. prioritise and produce policy-relevant research which will lead to better policy advice.

Each Hub broadly takes the following approach: 

Step 1: identify the key policy challenges/problems in that particular area;
Step 2: take stock of what we know and identify the gaps in our knowledge;
Step 3: create and prioritise a programme of work to address that knowledge gap;
Step 4: work across agencies and with other research centres, such as the universities on that particular work programme;
Step 5: draw out the policy implications of the newly created knowledge.

We invite anyone who is currently doing work on each of the Knowledge Hubs to join that particular hub and log on, share, connect and discuss with other related policy analysts and researchers.

We welcome:

  • Students;
  • Researchers working at a University or Private sector organisation; and
  • Policy Analysts working in the public sector.