The 2017 annual conference was held on Friday 8 December at Te Papa.

The theme for the conferences was ‘Responding to global challenges’. 
Many developed countries are facing common challenges to increasing well-being. These challenges include the pace of technology change and its impact on employment, rising inequality, slowing productivity growth and increasing concerns about trade and globalisation. The 2017 GEN conference explored these global challenges, how they impact on New Zealand and how New Zealand is responding to them.
The international keynote speakers were:
Dr Jonathan Ostry, International Monetary Fund, Deputy Director Research
Dr Catherine L Mann, OECD Chief Economist and Head of the Economics Department
Prof Warwick McKibbin, Australian National University
The New Zealand speakers were:
Murray Sherwin, Productivity Commission, Chair
Jen Ritchie-Campbell, Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Deputy Chief Executive 
Kaila Colbin, Singularity University, New Zealand Ambassador  
Dr John Yeabsley, NZIER, Senior Fellow
Dr Oliver Hartwich, New Zealand Initiative, Executive Director  
Dr Bill Rosenberg, New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Economist and Director of Policy
Prof Margaret Hyland, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, Chief Scientist
The following speakers’ presentations are available.


 Title of presentation (Click the title below to view the presentation)

 Dr Jonathan Ostry

 Inequality, growth and policy

 Dr Catherine L Mann

 Technology, ‘Tastes’ and Trade: National and regional perspectives

 Prof Warwick McKibbin

 Trade and globalisation: Recent trends and future prospects

 Jen Ritchie-Campbell

 Evening the odds: modelling well-being to drive better outcomes

 Dr John Yeabsley

 Globalisation in the round

 Kaila Colbin

 Riding the Exponential Wave of Change

 (Please note the Video in this link is not from the GEN 2017 Conference     itself, however the content is similar to that presented at GEN)


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