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Applications now open!

We are currently recruiting for mentors and mentees for the inaugural 2023 GEN Mentoring Programme. The purpose of this programme is to assist and enhance the growth of young/early in career economists, or those applying economics in their professional roles in the NZ public sector, by developing their capability, connections, and confidence.

The objectives are to:

  • increase awareness, understanding, and effectiveness in the application of economics across the public sector
  • accelerate professional and personal development of participants
  • allow mentors to enhance their professional and personal development, connect in a meaningful way, and gain satisfaction from giving back to the public sector and economics community

The programme consists of:

  • one-on-one mentoring sessions (face to face and/or virtual, depending on preferences and availability)
  • four facilitated virtual workshops (induction, two special topic sessions to support participants’ journeys, and a closing ceremony)
  • reflective journalling for mentees

If you have any questions about the programme please contact


Are early career public service professionals who apply economics in their professional roles and/or those with professional experience who are looking to apply economics in their roles in the Public Service (e.g. advisors with no formal economics training). Mentees:

  • can commit to regular mentoring sessions over the 7-month period including 4 online facilitated workshops
  • are ready to enhance skills, knowledge and build networks
  • are open to reflection on themselves, their future and longer-term goals
  • are supported by their manager to participate

An application form for potential mentees is available here. Applications are due by 14 April 2023.


Use (or have used) economics in their professional roles for at least five years. We expect our mentors will derive the following benefits from being a GEN Mentor:

  • fresh perspectives and an expanded network of colleagues from a more diverse range of backgrounds
  • the satisfaction of transferring skills, knowledge and expertise
  • development and practice of a more personal style of leadership
  • the opportunity to enhance mentoring and communication skills
  • the opportunity to re-examine their own practices, attitudes and values

An application form for potential mentors is available here. Applications are due by 14 April 2023.