Minimum expectations

  • As a Board member you will be expected to:
    • attend monthly Board meetings (either online or in person; 10 meetings per year),
    • actively participate in one of GEN’s committees, such as the conference, training and events committees, eg attend committee meetings, organise GEN activities,
    • attend other GEN meetings such as the Annual Meeting and Board strategy sessions, and
    • reply to committee and GEN administration emails in a timely manner.
  • Board members should attend 80 per cent of Board, committee and other meetings.
  • Board members will be expected to actively participate by contributing to the delivery of certain outputs, as set out in the annual plans developed by each committee and agreed to by the Board.


  • The Board appreciates that being a Board member is voluntary and that the above expectations impose a time commitment to GEN. The Board also acknowledges that Board members face competing time commitments, such as work and family, which means it may not be possible to commit to GEN for some periods of time.
  • Individual Board members should monitor whether they are or are likely to be unable to meet these expectations, especially where this is likely to be the case for two or more months. If this is an issue, then the Board member should raise this with the Board Chair and relevant Committee Chair.
  • The Board Chair, Deputy Chair and Committee Chairs will separately monitor compliance with these expectations.
  • Committee Chairs should raise concerns about compliance with the Board Chair.
  • The Board Chair will discuss non-compliance issues with the individual Board member concerned. Depending on the circumstance, this could include asking the Board member to consider resigning from the Board so that someone else can fill their position.


  • GEN Board member expectations will be reviewed annually.

Agreed by the GEN Board: 7 October 2022