Behavioural By Design

Thursday, 24th June, 2021

Location: Te Papa, Wellington

Cost: $820 plus GST

Registrations close Friday, 11th of June.


From policy makers in the UK Cabinet Office to experienced designers in Silicon Valley, the fields of behavioural science and human-centred design have emerged as the most desirable tools for driving behavioural innovations. The concept of “nudge”, as popularised by Economics Nobel prize winner Richard Thaler and legal scholar Cass Sunstein, showed the world how small psychological changes can make a big impact on decision making. This masterclass dives into decades of research and case studies in interdisciplinary fields from cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, systems thinking and design to help inform behavioural innovations.

Course Objectives

Masterclass Outcomes.
➔ Learn. Understand how we make decisions with practical models and case-studies from behavioural science.

➔ Apply. Adopt methods from behavioural design in your toolkit to solve challenges.

➔ Qualify. Become a Behavioural by Design Practitioner™ for your teams to create meaningful behaviour change.

You will walk out with insights on how to adopt behaviour change tools to design evidence-based policy, communications and programmes.

We embed these learnings into a toolkit to make behaviour change more practical for you to apply in your organisation. The behaviour change toolkit includes:

➔ 24 Pathways for behaviour change (booklet and strategy cards)
➔ 7 steps to behavioural innovation (pdf workbook)

➔ 1-year access to the online Behavioural by Design Toolkit

Session outline and delivery

Module I. Behavioural Science Foundation Understand how we make decisions, mental shortcuts and biases using models, frameworks and case-studies from behavioural science.

Module II. Mindset of Behavioural Design Participatory approach to behavioural design involving embracing the unknown, identifying behavioural influences within complex systems and elevating lived experiences.

Module III. Behavioural by Design Toolkit Get immersed in behaviour change tools including 24 Pathways book, strategy cards and 7 steps to behavioural innovation workbook.

Module IV. Learn by Doing Implementing your Behavioural by Design Toolkit in a real-world policy, communication or programme challenge.

Note. The masterclass is only as good as the outcomes that follow. We conduct a 1.5-hour small peer group follow-up session to support your journey in creating behavioural change.

Target Audience and assumed background

Leaders and managers, Service design teams, Policy advisors/analysts, Product owners & managers, Marketing & communication teams, Experience design teams, Research & insight teams, Business intelligence teams, Agile project teams and ALL roles involved in changing behaviours.

No past background knowledge is essential. This masterclass will benefit anyone who has completed an Introduction to Behavioural Economics course, read some popular science books on the topic or has a general interest in gaining practical behaviour change tools.

Course Costs

This course is provided by the Government Economics Network (GEN) at a cost of $820 plus GST per person.