Membership of GEN is free for 2021 and 2022. Members get advance notice of our conference and trainings. Given COVID constraints this is a real advantage!

Members are also able to get more involved with how GEN is run, and can:

  • Elect GEN’s Board members
  • Vote on changes to GEN’s rules (e.g. our constitution)
  • Stand for election as a GEN Board member (if you also meet the other requirements set out in GEN’s rules)
  • Attend GEN’s annual meeting.

To become a member, fill out the application form below. This also means you agree to comply with GEN’s rules as set out in our Constitution. Applications will be approved by the GEN Board.

Members will be automatically added to GEN’s distribution list for our newsletter and members’ notifications. If you have any questions about becoming a GEN member, please contact us.

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