GEN is led by a voluntary board which is made up of individuals from across the public sector. The GEN board is responsible for developing the network and running its activities.

The members of the 2020 GEN board are listed below:

Mark Lea
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

April Chiu
Board member
Ministry of Health


Joanne Leung
Ministry of Transport

Phillip Mellor
Training Committee Chair
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Polly Vowles
Training Committee Member
Ministry of Social Development

Xin Tang
Board member
Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Tamara Linnhoff
Dr Ed Hearnshaw Prize Chair
Conference Committee Member
Electricity Authority

Diana Cook
Board Member

Philip Stevens
Board Member
New Zealand Productivity Commission

Nicholas Smith
Conference Committee Chair
Ministry for the Environment

Natalia Fareti
Events Committee Member
Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Grant Andrews
Conference Committee member

Jack Bisset
Conference Committee Member
External Reporting Board