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Welcome to the Government Economics Network (GEN)

We were established in 2011 to promote the better use of economics in the public sector in New Zealand. We aim to cater to economists and non-economists through a range of events and training opportunities focused on using economics in policy advice.

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Dr Ed Hearnshaw

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About the Government Economics Network (GEN)

The Government Economics Network (also known as GEN) is a charitable organisation that provides a professional forum for learning, development and networking. We run a range of seminars, training, conferences and social events throughout the year to encourage the use of economics in public policy decision making and to stimulate debate and discussion on economic and public policy research.

It aims to cater to economists and non-economists as well as both public and private sectors.

The GEN has three main objectives:

  1. Support economics training and professional development in the public sector: both for economists and non-economists.
  2. Develop linkages between economists across the private, public and academic sectors.
  3. Strengthen economic advice to government.

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